​〒907-0242 沖縄県石垣市白保788-36

788-36 Shiraho, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0242​

Tel. 0980-86-8765




​Car Rental Recommended

For transport on the island, we recommend renting a car.

Bus routes are limited and their services infrequent.  Whether heading for the quiet beaches in the north or shops and restaurants in the south, a car or motorbike is the most convenient.

Foreign visitors, obtain your international driver's license before departure.


到着したら / On Arrival


We recommend renting a car at the airport

空港からの道筋 / Directions from the Airport

  • 空港敷地内から390号線へ

  • 390号線を市街地へ向け左折

  • 390号線を2.4km南下(およそ3分)

  • Bosoaの駐車場は進行方向右手に

  • Exit the airport and head for Route 390

  • Turn left on R-390 towards City Centre

  • Drive 2.4 km heading south (about 3 min.)

  • Bosoa car park is on your right

バスをご利用になる場合 / Use of City Bus

  • バスターミナル行きバスに乗車

  • Bosoaの前を通過して、空港から二つ目の「白保」で下車

  • 390号線を徒歩で1km空港方向へ戻る

  • Bosoaの駐車場は進行方向左手に

  • Take the bus for "Bus Terminal"

  • Go past Bosoa to the 2nd bus stop from the airport, "Shiraho"

  • Backtrack on R-390 on foot for 1km

  • Bosoa car park is on your left




Upon arriving at the Bosoa car park, leave your luggage in the car and proceed to the Bosoa select shop next door. We will show you to the lodge after check-in.  

​390号線を左折 / Turn left on R-390

Bosoa 駐車場とショップ / Bosoa car park & shop

390号線 / R-390

ショップ / Shop interior